Result from "den blå liga" from our team!
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we were placed in the 3rd division of the tournament and our CSGO have for the past few weeks been fighting to get to playoff and see how long they could go! read on for more information!

Different Esports games. my top 3!
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Today the esports industry is big and more and more games are coming to compete for being the most popular while the money prize pool still are growing year after year. In this article I’m going to cover some of the game esports games and how their scene works!

new from our team! blast pro
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Many people have criticized the tournament blast pro and again this weekend with Astralis not winning the tournament again people are saying that Astralis are risking their spot as nr. 1 team in the world because of the short format with only 1 bo3 match and the rest being bo2 over just 2 days. This weekend also had some matches for the mid-season invitational in league of legends, and a new announcement from our CSGO team, so read on!

First match fixing scandal in league since 2014
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The game league of legends hasn’t had that many match-fixing scandals in its long history of esport but now we have the first match-fixing scandal since 2014 which was the last time that kind of cheating was used in league of legends with the manager and 1 player from the team AHQ Korea that played in the LMS league for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

LM19 with our CS:GO team attending!
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the tournament was being held by Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations and our own CS:GO team was joining the others to fight for the win in the tournament called the Country Championship. The tournament included many school teams from Denmark from all over but also organization teams just like our own.

Copenhagen games 2019 overview
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As its 10th anniversary they had prepared good, with the event being bigger than ever and with 8 tournaments, several conferences and booth this year’s event seemed to be more exciting than ever and a lot you could do!

An unpredictable weekend for eSports
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This weekend you had the chance to watch a lot of esports with both Blast Pro Miami, LCS, and LEC as tournaments that would end and the start of ESL Pro League EU. Some of the results were really impressing with matches that had a lot of action and excitement while other matches being less exciting.  

Trick or Treat! Here’s free shipping! [Merch Shop]
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