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This post contains commands that only admins can use.
Use /padmin to most of the management commands.
You can also tp to players by typing /tp or tp someone to another player by /tp [name] [name].
You also have /tpsave [name] and then /tpl [name].

To manage tickets these are the following commands:
/ticket close <id> -- Close a ticket
/ticket list -- List tickets
/ticket listclosed -- List closed tickets
/ticket reply <id> <Message> -- Reply to a ticket
/ticket teleport <id> -- Teleport to a ticket's source position
/ticket view <id> -- View a ticket

To ban someone for specific time:
/ban Domestos 10d noob -- Will ban Domestos for 10 days for the reason "noob".
You can do that with hours=h and minutes=m.

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Forum » Game Boards » [Rust] Elemental eSports Modded Server Locked
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