Dream, hope, aspire.

- Elemental eSports

Welcome to Elemental eSports

Elemental eSport is an eSports Organization since October 2017 with talented players with main focus on CS:GO, League of Legends. We all share a huge passion for eSport and the reason we are ready to go into a new age with the help of our talented gamers.

We are always ready to answer questions from fans or friendly and knowledgeable advice with fast response times.

-Sadik Yilmaz, CEO

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e-sports behind the scenes. part 1.

Written by tobse2002@gmail.com

In this article in going to write about all the different jobs, careers and activities that are happening behind all the players, tournaments, games and much more. This series of articles are going to cover jobs as coaches, managers, tournament organizers, mental coaches, CEO and even more. Read on for the first of a series of articles.


Organization and field structure:

First of all, before we are going to talk about the different jobs you will need to have a ba...

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