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FaZe won the first map, Cache, 16-9, and the decider, Mirage, 16-9, after giving up Inferno, 9-16, thus eliminating TyLoo and earning a spot in tomorrow’s grand final.

TyLoo were off to a flying start on Cache, FaZe’s map pick, winning the pistol round on the CT side, following it up with two anti-ecos, and sweeping FaZe in the first gun round. The European team were finally able to win a round after another eco for a 5-1 partial, but a very average follow-up on A saw them go into the eighth round in another eco. After a disastrous start going down 2-7, FaZe started to get into the game winning round after round by reading the Chinese team and outgunning their opposition for a halftime lead of 8-7.

Having won the pistol round on the second half, the European team kept increasing the distance on the scoreboard despite TyLoo winning the first round with Nikola "NiKo" Kovač leading the way on the scoreboard. TyLoo got the ninth on the board with an A play that ended up in HaoWen "somebody" Xu winning a clutch against Håvard "rain" Nygaard, but the Norwegian player then had three big kills in checkers the next round to keep FaZe on track. Finally, the European squad took their map, 16-9.

FaZe were decisive on Mirage to take the series

TyLoo were once again able to take the early lead on the second map after winning the T-side pistol and the following two rounds. A big round by Hui "DD" Wu who wreaked havoc on FaZe’s backlines in the first gun round helped his team increase the lead to 4-0 as his teammates planted on B. rain was able to win a 1vs1 against somebody after a partial buy from his team to get on the board for the first time in the fifth round.

FaZe got in a roll, winning two more, but TyLoo didn’t give up their lead quickly, as the Chinese team won a 3vs5 and then followed it up to extend their lead to 6-3. The European squad didn’t let the match slip, though, closing out tight rounds to avoid falling too far behind on the scoreboard, but a huge 1vs2 clutch by somebody after Hansel "BnTeT" Ferdinand got a double on B and planted kept tyloo ahead, 7-5. The Chinese team then followed it up, securing the half, which they took 9-6.

The second pistol round went the way of TyLoo with somebody clearing the way with the three first kills of the round. Winning the first round, the Chinese-Indonesian team took the 13-6 lead leaving FaZe sitting under the sword of Damocles. A 1vs3 afterplant clutch in quad by Finn "karrigan" Andersen got FaZe on 5-15, but it was too little too late as TyLoo took their pick, 16-9.

TyLoo put up a fight in the semifinal, taking it to three maps

TyLoo took another pistol round, starting out ahead for the third time in the series on the decider, Mirage. It was finally in the fifth round, after two opening frags from NiKo, that the European team got on the board. FaZe quickly got ahead, winning round after all the way to the half without giving TyLoo a chance taking the half 11-4.

FaZe were able to win the second pistol round, on the T-side, after a B rush and doubles by karrigan and Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács. FaZe took the first four rounds, and when it looked like TyLoo were going to win a round after two entries, a big triple by NiKo got his team on match point. TyLoo then won a few rounds but it was the European side that closed out the map and match, 16-9.

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