An unpredictable weekend for eSports
ELT-StaffThobias "StaTic" L. 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 15th Apr
the first event we are going to take a look at is Blast Pro Series Miami. With the teams being Liquid, Faze, MIBR, Astralis, NAVI, and C9 all would know that the tournament would bring a lot of action to the table. the first day all teams would play 2 games. after that Astralis and Liquid would have a 2/0 score and leading the tournament. even though many of the results were big wins the games still had a lot of action in them. The next day Astralis would lose all of their games which nobody expected and we would get a Liquid vs. Faze final. Without any problem Faze quickly sweep Liquid in a BO3 final 2/0 and won as the 2nd winner of 2019 Blast Pro

In LCS the American league of LOL the finals would be held with the teams being TSM vs. Liquid. TSM had a really good start in the finals taking the first 2 games pretty easy to a 2 wins 0 losses in a BO5. most people would have said that TSM would win the finals with that score and even before the finals had begun, but the fate had other plans as Liquid decided to reverse sweep TSM from a 2/0 score to a 2/3 score and the winner of a very interesting final would be liquid once again. 

in LEC the European league for LOL the fight for the finals and the finals were being played. The fight for the final was between Fnatic and Origin which almost everyone would have said Fnatic would win because of their domination in the last half of the league. the team had won against Origin many times and also against G2 the final participant at least 1 time before but again Origin had some tricks winning the spot for the finals with a 3/1 score. Origin did lose the finals against G2 in as short as 75 minutes showing G2 is dominating again.  

Written by Thobias "StaTic" Larsen

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