Copenhagen games 2019 overview
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CS:GO Main tournament:
At the Main tournament in counterstrike, there would be a lot of action with the teams being Movistar Riders, forZe, Epsilon, and ambush in group 1 and tricked, Sprout, Team söderberg & Partners and Gamit Youngsters in group 2.
 In group 1 the Spanish Movistar Riders goes undefeated through to the semifinals of the tournament while the next team from group 1 to go into the semifinals would be the Russian forZe. With that said the European Epsilon taking the 3rd place and Danish ambush esport accepting the 4th place with 0 wins.
In group 2 the Danish Tricked esport goes undefeated to the semifinals and we're going to play against the number 2 team from group 1 forZe esport while the number 2 team going to the semis from group 2 would be the German Sprout that needed to fight against the nr. 1 team from the opposite group Movistar Riders.
In the semifinals, the games were quite shocking and unexpected both of the teams that went through as number 2 in their group made it to the final with Sprout defeating Movistar Riders 2 – 1 and forZe esport taking down Tricked esport with a 2 – 0. That meant that the Russian forze should fight against the German Sprout. The final was really exciting with rounds going back and forth but on the last 3[sup]rd[/sup] map Forze won the finals this year at Copenhagen Games and won a prize pool of around 42.000 euro.

CS:GO ladies:


In the ladies tournament, there were in the start 22 ladies from Denmark represented but as more and more of the teams went out of the tournament, only 1 Dane was on a team in the final. The matches up to the finals have been exciting even though many matches ended with a 2 – 0 score the games were close and action filled. At last after defeating all the other teams than themselves the finals were between Assasins that are represented places from all over the world with the Dane “mimi” on which have been on the worlds best csgo team before but left due to intern problems and the team CLG red that represents America and Canada.  In the final assasins tried all they could to win against the really good CLG red they fought hard but fall on the first map with a 10 – 16 score. After that the next map went quite fast with an ending score on a 5 – 16 CLG wins this year of the female tournament at Copenhagen games and win around 17.000 euro

Team Fortress 2 6v6:
Team Fortress 2 finals in 6v6 took off right after the end of our CS:GO Main tournament ended. The crowd was proper lit when the two finalists walked onto the stage: "Se7en", the favorite team with the best odds of winning the tournament versus "Ascent.EU", the underdogs with the whole crowd having their backs. 

The final was going to be decided in a BO5. The first map was rather close with lots of highlights, but after all, "Se7en" conquered the map. The second map brought back hope to "Ascent.EU", since "Se7en" never really plays on that map. But no obstacle was too hard for "Se7en" to overcome, as they gave it all and also got a win on the second map. On the third and last map, the teams had to go into overtime with a golden round. "Se7en" also conquered a win on this map and gained the title as the winner of this year's Copenhagen Games TF" 6v6 tournament. - written by Copenhagen games

This year have had some incredible things on schedule with different booth, conferences and are just too much from the event to cover it all so this was a short overview of the event and some of the winners. Big congrats to all the winners!

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