LM19 with our CS:GO team attending!
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With our own team being in the tournament it would be a good idea to write about it so you also can follow our CS:GO team along how they are doing in different tournaments. In the start of the tournament, there are 24 teams that are competing in 2 rounds with 1 game of BO1 game for each round. That means our team have played 1 game against 1 of the teams in round 1 and 1 game against one of the other teams in round nr. 2. NOTE! if you only want to see the results from our team check out our twitter which has all the results as posts:  [color=windowtext]https://twitter.com/ELT_eSports
our team playing and practicing for the tournament:
in round nr. 1 our team faced tårnborg eSport - Team Tower which went pretty fast for our team as we took the match 16 - 0 without problems. Even though we managed to take the first match with such a score other games were really close while others were just like ours. A thing to remember is that this tournament is for all teams that want to participate but there were good teams known from Denmark as one of them being Campus Vejle which is pretty known. 
in round nr. 2 our team would need to fight team from the same organization which was the team (Tårnborg eSport - Team Castle) that tried their hardest to fight back our team but fall quickly with a 16 - 0 score just like the first game. But we were not the only team that won both our games and 6 other teams out of 24 won both their matches which secured all of the 6 teams a place in the diamond group while the other teams would fight in the gold, silver or bronze group and the top 3 teams from each group would win some kind of prizes. the system for the groups was the teams should play 5 rounds against each other and the teams with most points/wins won the group.

Diamond group:
as the tournament mostly have unseen teams on the international scene you will probably not recognize any of them, But our team landed in the Diamond group with the 6 best teams which were Campus Vejle, Team Fa1con, Bredballe IF esport, Elemental, Madsports, and Hedensteds Lune Kartofler. Since it was 5 rounds there could have been many different outcomes from these group but at last Campus, Vejle takes first place with 5 out of 5 wins while Team Fa1con takes second with 4 wins and 1 lose. The next 3 teams including ourselves got a shared 3rd place with 2 wins and 3 loses each and the last place got 5 loses out of 5 possible. 

In the gold group, a team called Bolleposen won with same as Campus Vejle but all the other teams got different results and got a specific place each. In the silver group, a team called Chicks with Kicks won with 5 out of 5 wins and the rest teams getting a result like gold group with each a different place on the leaderboard. ad the last group Egedal Esport Blue Dragonz won with 5 out of 5 games won the rest like teams got just like to of the other groups all a different place. 

big congratulations to all the winners from each group and of course to our own team for a good third place. and we even got a medal for winning third place!

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