First match fixing scandal in league since 2014
ELT-StaffThobias "StaTic" L. 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 3rd May
Match-fixing, in general, has been a big problem for esport in many years. Almost every esports game has had at least 1 match-fixing scandal at some time in history I believe and there are probably people right now as I write this article that does match-fixing but the hard thing is that it is really hard to bust and stop when you don’t know who does it.
The last match-fixing scandal was in 2014 with the coach Noh scamming the whole team from AHQ. The team had some young players and it was almost not true to believe that they qualified for the big league with the biggest organizations in the world, but there was a catch, a very weird one. When they were just about to go into the tournament the coach arranged a meeting with the players where he said that they should lose the matches at any cost else they would be thrown out of the team. The coach said there should be a balance in the market so they should lose to stay on the team. With time the coach got weirder and at some point, the administrators found out and banned the coach and the player promise. Short after promise wrote a suicide letter describing what had happened and why they did it and how sorry he was and then decided to jump out of a building. Even though he was Injured a lot he somehow survived and the community raised money for him. Later theories say that he was arrested for harassing younger-aged girls, he was imprisoned for 3 years theories say. And all this mess happened because the coach started his own fake team to earn money.

This time it was quite a different situation because this time it was a manager, the creator of the organization which this time was real, and the jungle player. But later just 2 days ago 3 other players from another team were banned too by doing match-fixing. First, I’m going to talk out the first-time match-fixing occurred in 2019 which was the owner of the organization, manager and jungle player of the team Dragons Gate which was playing the league LMS just as AHQ.

The Hong Kong based team Dragons gate was playing in the biggest league for Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. After an investigation, where several examples of match-fixing have proven it, was found that the owner of the organization Hu Wei-Jie was a part of it was banned permanently from ever being involved with a team again that participate in riot games tournaments.
The jungle player Liu “JGY” Yang, coach Fan “yoga” Jiang-Peng and the manager Li “Xiaoyu” Xin-YU got banned from riot games tournaments for 18, 12 and 12 months. The top laner from the team even wrote a Facebook post claiming that the teams AD Carry player was being benched when he refused to play bad and lose on purpose and he also wrote that instead, JGY accepted the offer to play bad on purpose. The owner of the team refused to be involved and has sued Garene that administrates all LOL activities in Asia. Anyway, the team should play in the promotion tournament to even hold the place in the league.

Just some days later 3 other players from the Chinese team Rogue Warriors Sharks have been banned too because of match-fixing. It is said that the of the players from the team have been involved in some kind of match-fixing in the second best Chinese league LDL, but also a player from the sister team that was playing the best Chinese league LPL was banned due to help the 3 players from the team in the league under his own. This means that those 4 players are now banned for any tournament that involves riot games for 18 months each. The organization itself haven’t commented on the situation at this point writing the article.

So, what do you think? Is it fair that the owner of the organization is banned permanently but all the players only were banned for 12 or 18 months. I’m afraid that it is not enough consequence to make players realize that its not worth it and the consequences maybe should be bigger. It's hard to say and it’s a common topic to talk about when talking cheating in esports because it has happened so many times.

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