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The blast pro format:
For you who don’t know the format of blast pro its pretty simple. The tournament is being played over just 2 days with all matches being bo1 except the final that is played as a bo3. This format is being criticized be experts and especially Astralis is taking critic for favoring blast pro tournaments over the bigger tournaments like Dreamhack, IEM and so on.
So what’s the problem?
Many experts say that Astralis are risking their spot as number 1 team in the world by favoring these tournaments over the others which the expert mean might be because rfsh owns Astralis. Since the format is being played in bo1 all the way to the final most people say that team aren’t using their best tactics to win the matches and just trying new things before the next big tournament or major is being played. So because of this we might have found the reason why Astralis might have lost the last 2 tournaments and the second best team are close to astralis now.

Blast pro series Madrid:
For blast pro Madrid the result was going to be quite exciting with a new team joining in from the play-in tournament Giants managed to qualify and even though they were underdogs they managed to get 1 win against the old legends NIP! But not more did they win and Astralis were going to the final against Ence esports which they earlier in the tournament had lost against. Well the final were supposed to be exciting but ence played exceptionally and astralis didn’t stand a chance which could be seen as they lost 2 – 0 and dropped their 32-0 winning streak on nuke too!

MSI (Mid season invitational for league of legends)
This year the 6 teams that qualified for MSI and were going to battle against each other was Invictus gaming, SKT1, G2 esports, Team Liquid, Flash Wolves and Phong Vu Buffalo. Some pf the teams was more excepted than other to go on to the semifinals but after many days of matches against each other several times the 4 team for the semifinals of the tournament was found. The first team that secured a spot in the semis was Invictus gaming with their dominance, winning 9 gaming and only losing 1 game in the whole group stage play. Then the legends from the graves SKT1 qualified too! After having a really bad last year not even being close to winning the worlds championship which they had won 5 times. On the third place the dominant winner from our European LEC G2 esports qualified with 5 wins and 5 loses. And lastly team liquid from America for the first time to hit playoff in an international tournament! So now we wait patiently for the semi finals to begin. Team liquid that ended in 4[sup]th[/sup] place are going up against Invictus gaming that only lost 1 game during the group stage! While SKT1 the old legends and 5 times winners of Worlds are going up against G2 esports the European champions! How the result will end only time can tell but in excited and you should be too!

News from our CSGO team:
Our CSGO are happy to announce that they are officially joining “den blå liga” which is a Danish league that are sponsored by a big Danish organization that gives some big opportunities to the winners of the league, so good luck to the team and congratulations!

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