Different Esports games. my top 3!
ELT-StaffThobias "StaTic" L. 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 6th Jun
Rocket League:
Of all the esports games I’m going to cover in this article this might the most fast paced and changing esports game I know. This game has been released since 2015 and has had a growing player base since, but only few updated because the company don’t have many employees. The games esports scene are defined by major tournaments with the biggest series being RLCS (Rocket League Championship Series) 

to explain the game very easy it is based as being a car soccer game which makes the game very fast paced and the hard mechanics and predictions for the game make it extremely hard to play at a hard level. This must be the most confusing esports when I look at teams and players. Because of the many different series rocket league as it is right now has a trend to switch players and whole team in between every series and many teams rise just as the split up so fast that I feel it is really hard to follow right now in the state.

CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive):
This series of games have been around for many years and were and long time to get to the state it is today by being the most active when looking at finished tournaments with the chance of watching a game almost every day without any end. The teams and players are stable compared to rocket league but there are still being made changes throughout the year and some teams change a lot through a year while teams like Astralis have had the same roster for over 1 year! The system for counterstrike is that there are 2 – 3 major tournaments held every year that are arranged by valve themselves and have some of the biggest prize pools and are the most prestigious to win.

LOL (League Of Legends):
This esports is the most structured esports game as I know it with all the tournaments being held by the creator riot, they have focused on structure. The structure of the system is that in the spring season there are a spring split season that are being played in for 10 weeks and the finals being held in their right region. Fx. LEC is the European league so the finals will be held somewhere in Europe. And the same is for America Korea, Taiwan at least. 

After the first split out of two in between there will be an MSI (Mid-Season Invitational)

 which is the first international tournament of the year where winners from all regions meet to fight for the best. Winning the first split and MSI typically directly give you a spot at Worlds the always held in the end of the year. After MSI another split is held and the teams with most point gotten from the splits and MSI are going to fight in the play-in stage for the worlds tournament.

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