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Valve have just released a new CS:GO update, which features several pivotal changes to Nuke.

Some of the changes to Nuke include the removal of the outside catwalk, while it's no longer possible to access the crane on top of the A bombsite, which connects the two catwalks in upper.

The inner bombsite received more significant adjustments in the form of the removal of the window in hut and the ladder leading to the aforementioned crane.

Nuke has been the least played map in competitive play since the new version was introduced in the Active Duty map pool in April 2016, with only a little over 6% of all matches having been played on Nuke since that time.

The gameplay changes from the latest update can be found below:


Enabled shotgun spread patterns on official matchmaking servers as described in http://blog.counter-strik ... .php/holiday-spread/


  • Removed outer catwalk completely
  • Removed helper catwalk onto silo
  • New type of skylight windows in A site
  • Added some cover in corner at back of B site
  • Removed railings when entering B site from ramp
  • Removed window in hut
  • Moved entrance to hut slightly further in
  • Moved up spawns for both teams
  • Flipped static doors at T entrance to ramp
  • Blocked off “old secret” area outside of garage
  • Added solid white walls near CT spawn
  • Rotated container outside of garage, and removed some smaller crates
  • Removed access to crane inside of A site, made more of rafters accessible
  • Reverted box-path onto hut inside A site to the old configuration
  • Removed ladder up to rafters from inside A site
  • Added collision for physics objects (except grenades) near water in B site
  • For tournament organizers, the old version of Nuke is available on the Workshop.

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