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Property have revealed their new lineup which features five Swedish players.

After rebranding, Property have returned to the scene with an all-Swedish roster. The lineup is led by David "Jayzwalkingz" Kempner who has previously played for fnatic Academy and trialed for Renegades for a short time.

Jayzwalkingz is joined by former Epsilon players Eric "Ericip" Torsson, Gustav "ZINKEN" Björk, and Kevin "kevzy" Nilsson. Jesper "JW" Wecksell's brother and former GODSENT Academy player Linus "Limpone" Wecksell rounds out the lineup.

Jayzwalkingz & co. will play FlipSid3 tonight

Limpone, who is the in-game-leader, has said that he thinks they can build something together as they have the right mentality to reach the top.

"It feels great to become a part of Property, we share the same ambitions for the future and I think we could build something great together. I know we have the right individuals and mentality to reach the top." said Limpone.

"It is a long journey and it takes time but with the dedication we have I believe we can succeed. This lineup we have put together is five talented players who work well together and because of that I see a bright future for us."

Property have the following roster:

Sweden David "Jayzwalkingz" Kempner
Sweden Eric "Ericip" Torsson
Sweden Linus "Limpone" Wecksell
Sweden Kevin "kevzy" Nilsson
Sweden Gustav "ZINKEN" Björk

The new lineup will debut tonight at 19:00 against FlipSid3 in ESEA MDL Season 27 Europe.

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